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Western Colorado, our region, generally refers to the area of Colorado west of the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains and east to Utah, and is commonly called the Western Slope.  The high desert plateaus and mountainous regions vary greatly in climate and accessibility, and elevations range from 4,000 to over 9,000 feet for mountain communities.

This vast area of the Western Slope covers about 50,000 square miles, but supports a population of less than 1/2 million people, or an average of 10 people per square mile.  A growing populace of 1/4 million is centered within an 80-mile radius of Always Right Service, based in the economic-powerhouse and cultural hub Grand Junction, and most of these people reside in the vicinity of the city.

Grand Junction
is the largest city between Salt Lake City/Provo in Utah, and Denver, Colorado, and is strategically located about halfway between these urban areas, with Denver at about 250 miles.  It is problematic for companies located in the Front Range metropolitan region to service our area due to the many miles of mountainous terrain that must be traversed, and the long distances to travel.  Many mountain roads and even highways are often impassable or closed for the winter.  Northern Utah service companies have similar problems in the winter.

, in South-Eastern Utah on the Colorado River, is home of our satellite office, 1.5 hours West of GJ.  This scenic desert area is sparsely populated, but is a significant tourist haven during the warmer seasons.  Many small towns are dispersed South, East, and North of Moab.

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